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There was once a dream that was DDS. It began with the promise of a revolutionary dental concept that would focus first and foremost on people - both teammates and patients. That simple dream has grown into a reality, and it is self-evident that people and relationships ultimately matter the most. People are the reason for our continued success. Our patients and teammates will always be our primary focus.


At DDS Dentures + Implant Solutions, our team has been unwaveringly committed to providing exceptional, affordable dental care for 30+ years. Our mission is to delight patients. We do this by treating them like cherished family. We strive to consistently surpass mere patient satisfaction and provide patients with treatment experiences that are positively life-changing and five-star in quality. We want to serve all prospective patients and especially those for whom dental care has been more elusive such as people in rural areas. We place our efficient offices surrounding metroplexes to permit optimal patient access from rural, urban and suburban zones.


While general dentistry for patients 18 years of age and up is the practice model, the focus is on dentures, implants, and oral surgery. We currently have 49 state-of-the-art locations (soon to be 53 by FY 2018 end) all with on-site denture labs permitting dentures in one day and cone beam 3D (CBCT) imaging units allowing better diagnostics and treatment outcomes. More advanced digital dentistry with new scanning, modeling, and output options is just around the corner.


DDS currently spans seven states including Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and the eastern seaboard of the United States are on the planning horizon. Beyond this, the rest of the country and the world beckon.


Dentists, Managers, Laboratory Technicians, Patient Care Coordinators, and Dental Assistants are the professional titles of those who join us as teammates. But they are all Leaders. DDS provides a fertile environment to maximize career potential and innate passion for helping others. Every teammate is a prized partner. Every salary and bonus paid are wise investments. Every training session is a transformative experience. All point toward making teammates into the happiest and most skilled teammates they can be in our system where advancement opportunities abound.


At DDS, teammates are family. We love to train, encourage, coach, and reward them as no other group practice does. We have built our model around people, and when we develop happy, engaged teammates with the right attitude we can delight patients. Everything else we enjoy like elite compensation, enhanced morale, fewer problem patients, and a fun work environment is a side effect of delighting the patients.


Those who join us on our mission become the strength of DDS. They are the ambassadors of patient delight. With their presence, this DDS dream never ends.


We offer a comprehensive benefits package that we think is second to none, including a matching 401k plan, health insurance, and more.




Patient delight is the core of our being and we want to team up with individuals that feel the same.




We love working with motivated individuals that have a desire to provide excellent care to our patients.



DDS offers more than just a job-- it's a rewarding career path with life-changing opportunities delivered daily.



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Call Us: (888) 526-9905

Email Us:

(888) 526-9905